Project information

MFC «Lakhta Center» is an ultra-modern Multifunctional Complex of building, including the Lakhta Tower – the tallest skyscraper in Europe and most tall skyscraper in the North of the Globe with 462m height above the sea

The MFC «Lakhta Center» is the Headquarter of the GAZPROM PJSC and is located in St. Petersburg on the coast of the Finnish Gulf. The total area of the 5 main buildings is over 575 thousand sq. meters. MFC «Lakhta Center» has the very modern architecture and cause of its twisted shapes has exceptionally complicated bearing and façade structures. The Multifunctional complex «Lakhta Center» is performing the newest standards of the city life: modern eco-friendly offices, comfortable public spaces, transport, bicycle and pedestrian accessibility, social infrastructure.

The goal of the project Investor was to create a new attraction point of business activity outside the historical city center, freeing of the historical St. Petersburg from the functions of the business center and its accompanying traffic load.