Construction Management includes

  • Project risk assessment
  • Engineering
  • Organization on behalf of the Investor and the implementation of all activities of packages «Pre-construction services» and «Technical Supervision»
  • Indication of the procurement procedures Terms and statement of criteria for the counterparties selection (preparation and tendering)
  • Definition of the main terms for all contracts with counterparties
  • Controlling of the Project key milestones and managing of the main activities within the construction schedule
  • Construction work management and initial work acceptance performed by contractors including of «hidden work»
  • Project Cash-flow controlling in the interests of its completion and recommendations to the Investor
  • Cumulative cost control and quarterly preparation of a cost forecast until the end of the project
  • Monitoring of the Project activities compliance with the requirements of the current valid legislation during construction. Safety Project controls based on industrial, human resources and environmental safety requirements
  • Claims work on behalf of the Investor with his contractors, Quantum on request
  • Additional services for the Investor in financial management, quality management and construction schedule management